1965/66 Brushed Aluminum Console Kit (With Air)

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New 1965/66 Pony / GT Deluxe Interior  

Just this past summer we completed the brushed aluminum and metal backed woodgrain kits for the dash and console for the Pony and GT 65/66 Mustangs. These new products were introduced at the Shelby Race/Meet held in Tulsa Oklahoma in mid summer. They turned out really nice!!! We had a very good response. People really liked them. The “brushed” look was the favored. 

We have available all of the possible configurations ready to be shipped for any console option. The inserts for the long plate and the shifter plate vary with A/C and transmission options. The inserts for the console come perfectly rolled to the contour of both the long plate and the gear shift plate. 

The (5) piece brushed aluminum console kit with air sells for $149.95 (auto or standard). 


1965/66 Brushed Aluminum Console Kit with Air
1965/66 Brushed Aluminum Console Kit with Air


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