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Woodgrain Over Aluminum Backing

Our woodgrain appliqué is the best available on the market. The woodgrain is adhered directly to an aluminum panel as was done originally by factory. The aluminum back panel has been designed and fabricated to fit "perfectively" over each FoMoCo component. This concept allows such an easy installation and a perfect fit to each piece on the dash and on the console components. No more wrinkles, air bubbles or misalignment to deal with!


The new aluminum backing was chemically "clear" anodized to protect it from corrosion and wear. A double-sided 3M adhesive is used to bond the inserts to the respective components.


Eventually, at a future date all 1968 dash components will be integrated with the metal back woodgrain appliqué. It will be available for both air and non-air conditioning interiors

New Woodgrain Applique' for a Deluxe Interior
1965/66 Dash Woodgrain Kit with Metal Back

Woodgrain Applique for Console with No Air
1965/66 Console Woodgrain Kit with Metal Back

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