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Brushed Aluminum: 1965/66 Pony or GT Interior

Brushed Aluminum Inserts for Pony or GT Interiors
1965/66 Dash Brushed Aluminum Inserts

We've designed and developed these new "brushed" aluminum inserts by popular demand to replace the "dark" woodgrain finish. These panels are made of equal specifications to the aluminum inserts used on the 1967 Shelby and Mustang deluxe interiors. It has the same bright rich brushed finish inclusive of a clear anodized coating to protect it from corrosion, stains and wear. A double sided 3M adhesive is used to bond the inserts to the original bezel or component to withstand tremendous pull strength under extreme temperature and moisture conditions.  

Brushed Aluminum Applique' for a Non-Air Console
1965/66 Brushed Aluminum Console Kit


Brushed Aluminum Aplique for Pony & GT Interior
1965/66 Pony Brushed Aluminum Dash Kit


Only Available by TAC !!!  A Must on your PONY !!!

65-67 Door Lock Knob
Pure Aluminum

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