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1967 Shelby & Deluxe Interior 

Refurbished Original Deluxe Door Panels
1967 Brushed Aluminum Door Panels w/ New Inserts

Tony's Auto Classics is now offering new brushed aluminum door panel inserts which fit over the original FoMoCo aluminum door panels. The new "add on" inserts are made of real aluminum with an awesome brushed finish with a clear anodized coating to protect them from corrosion and wear. 3M adhesive is used to bond the inserts to the original aluminum panels to withstand tremendous pull strength under extreme temperature and moisture conditions. This adhesive is currently used by Boeing on aircraft wing panels. 
These inserts cannot be adhered directly to the soft vinyl door panels, since they are physically smaller than the original aluminum panels. The edges will show because there is no lip around its perimeter. The long narrow tabs which are built around the back of the original panels are very delicate and brake fairly easy. For those broken or missing tabs, new replacement tabs have been fabricated to properly secure the aluminum inserts to the main vinyl panel. See picture below.
For those who can't locate FORD original aluminum door panel inserts, Tony's Auto Classics has engineered replacement brushed aluminum door panels. These beautiful door panel inserts are made of a two part or sandwiched 2-piece assembly. The front panel has the same rich brushed finish as the dash inserts. The back plate provides the long tab configuration to properly attach this metal panel to the original vinyl panel.     
The new inserts over the original aluminum door panels will probably be acceptable by MCA rules. Chances are only a nominal point deduction would be exercised by MCA Gold judges. These new inserts are so nice, and fit so well, that MCA judges may overlook this detail. 

Refurbished Original 67 Aluminum Door Panel
Original Door Panel w/Insert - Passanger Side

Refurbished Original 67 Aluminum Door panel
Original Door Panel w/Insert - Drivers Side

Revives the Original Panels!!!

Replaces Broken Tab
Replacement Tab

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