1967 Standard to Deluxe Conversion Kit (Non-Air)

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1967 Standard Interior 

1967 Standard to Deluxe Conversion - New brushed aluminum panels for your complete dash. This high quality kit will convert your standard interior to "deluxe" on your non-air conditioned interior. These brushed aluminum pieces look so good that most people would think that your Mustang is an original "deluxe" interior car.  These aluminum panels are being fabricated to fit FoMoCo plastic only, therefore, Tony's Auto Classics does not guarantee them to fit over "after market" plastic pieces. However, more than likely they will fit on most after-market plastic pieces.
Deluxe Instrument Bezel - Original standard FoMoCo plastic piece has                                           been rechromed and detailed with a new                                        installed brushed aluminum panel. $195
                   3 Piece Kit - Includes Right Upper Panel, Center Panel 
                                      and Right Lower Panel. $145 
                   4 Piece Kit - Heater Control Panel, Right Upper Panel,
                                      Center Panel and Right Lower Panel. Emblem
                                      not included. $210
.                  4 Piece Kit - Instrument Bezel, Right Upper Panel, Center
                                      Panel and Right Lower Panel.
                                      Emblem not included. $245
                   5 Piece Kit - Includes Instrument Bezel, Heater Control
                                      Panel, Right Upper Panel, Center Panel and 
                                      Right Lower Panel. $250
NOTE: Individual pieces not sold separately
Click here for description and pictures of each individual panel. 1967 Dash Conversion Kits (Non-Air).

               NOTE: Tony's Auto Classics will buy your old FoMoCo cores.

They Look like FORD originals!! 

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